Quickies way to be sexy is to wear purple hot pants:

When it is about summer season, nothing can be more comfortable than wearing hot crazy-chick-stretchy-royal-blue-hot-pants-217x275pants. They can be worn while on vacations and can also be used to enjoy hot and simple looks anytime and anywhere wanted. It has been since 1980 that these hot pants have been in fashion and now once again the trend of these hot pants is coming back. In fact these hot pants are a development of mini skirt. If we talk about the history of miniskirts, then they were raised in 1960 by a French designer. His name was Andre Coureggas. He has been given the name “Father of the mini”.

However, there are certain things that make these hot pants different from ordinary

shorts and one of these differences is the materials with which these hot pants are made up of. They are usually made up of the formal fabrics like velvet, satin, or leather. Denim made hot pants are also available in the market and these are the ones that give more casual look to the attire and the overall personality of the women wearing them.

These hot pants can be seen as far as back in 1920, and 1930’s particularly in Europe. In that era, these pants were worn by the night club dancers and prostitutes. Afterwards they were shown in a German film, named The Blue Angel. Marlene Dietrich, played the role of Lola Lola in this film and she was seen wearing an extremely short for her role as she was a night club singer there. In 1970, a comic book named wonder woman made these pants popular again. She wore these pants with high boots and the style actually inspired a large number of people to dress in the samemanner.

After this era, the hot pants actually became one of the best ways to keep oneself up to date and perfectly fashionable. They became part of the uniform of the official flight attendants though for not a long time. A song titled “Hot Pants” was created in year 1977 by Blue Singer and James Brown. No one can raise the question that how this song facilitates in spreading the hot pants among common people.crazy-chick-stretchy-neon-red-hot-pants-217x275

These pants are coming back in the form of purple hot pants in the market nowadays. They are accessible in several materials like chiffon,satin, silk, velvet and leather. You can easily get a pair for you by making use of the online stores. Style War is one of the online stores that offer costumes for people in reasonable amount. Visit their site i.e. http://www.stylewar.com for further details.

About the Author:

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