Skeleton fancy dress for you:

2-pcs-steel-boned-full-bust-bustle-black-lace-corsetFancy dress parties are the occasions where people dress up in different costumes in order to look different and stand out the crowd.One of the fancy dresses that people usually wear is the ghost costume. Kids as well as adults like to wear this costume. A usual and traditional skeleton costume constitutes a black jumpsuit with painted skeleton bones on it. There are costumes where there are no bones painted but they are attached to the costume and hence make it elastic. If we talk about the ghost costume, it includes a pair of gloves, a mask and a pair of boots. The mask of the skeleton costume should be a full cover that resembles a skull. Moreover the bones in the darkness glow because they are florescent. This is one of the reasons that ghost costumes look creepy.skeleton-boys-multi-colour-costume-350x425

It is worth seeing sight where looking at the dancing and running man wearing a skeleton costume adds to the experience of the overall party. You will find it great rather funny being chased by skeletons. Classic costumes are the ones that are bone white in color but there are costumes in several other colors as well. Some of these colors are green, orange, yellow, purple and others. Though they do not look realistic but they look funnier and unusual. It is always fun not being someone but acting like someone else. Greatest pleasure is to put terror in to the people attending the party and the paradox is that everything is done for the sake of fun only. After scaring the people to death, by the end everyone just bursts in to laughter.

Just imagine people wearing the bone costumes and then hiding in the darkness. As soon as someone approaches, they just pop in front of them and shout “BOO”. Another way to enjoy is to stand in the dark lights with backs turned to the people approaching and when they are close enough they face them all of a sudden. Full size skeleton appears from the dark and it horrifies the people.full-bones-skeleton-printed-leggings-350x425

An illusion can be made by splitting one skeleton in to three ones. For this purpose, all you need to do is to get three people dressed up in these costumes. One of the three people needs to stand behind the other two. The people will see the first one in the front and when people will approach the two skeletons will be stepping right and left at the same time.

There was a time when people used to think that only men disguise them in to skeleton but the fact is that women can enjoy being skeletons too. It has been recently now that we see skeleton ladies. Did you know that skeleton ladies like to wear jewelry like necklaces, earrings, and bracelets? Wearing the short skirt can make the skeleton lady stunning in every manner. Look online to get such a costume. Style War is one such reliable online store. Visit the site i.e. for more details.gid-skeleton-350x425

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